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Balance and Fall Risk Therapy

balanceriskfalltherapyAccording to the CDC more then one third of adults 65 and older fall each year in the united states and 20% to 30% who fall suffer from moderate to severe injuries. Physical Therapy can reduce the risk of falls. Balance deficits are often multi factual in nature. At APN, our therapists perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the exact nature of the balance issues the patient has.

APN is pleased to own and utilize the #1 balance system in the world… The Biodex Balance System.

The Biodex Balance System SD is designed to meet the needs of anyone looking to improve balance, increase agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies.

apnpic2It features simple “touch-screen” operation, so it is as easy to use as it is to learn. Utilizing the latest testing protocols and advanced training modes for both static and dynamic situations. Not only is it extremely flexible, making customization to any patients needs or current physical condition, it is the only system in the world that provides an accurate Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program for senior citizens. It also provides closed-chain, training and weight-bearing assessment for lower extremity patients of all ages. It even adds the objective balance assessment component to any concussion management program or assessment.

Balance and Fall Risk TherapyThe Balance System SD is also a valuable training tool that improves kinesthetic abilities and coordination that will help compensate for impaired proprioceptive reflex mechanisms following an injury. By using the Biodex Balance System, our therapists can assess neuromuscular control by quantifying the ability to maintain dynamic bilateral and unilateral postural stability on almost any surface type, static or unstable.

We will formulate a conditioning program to improve the patients balance including training on The Biodex Balance system to enhance kinesthetic abilities. With a personalized comprehensive program designed by our therapists, who specialize in balance disorders, we have been successful in improving patients balance and reduce their risk of injuries.

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