Improve Your Balance

Balance therapy has never been more accessible in Toms River, NJ. We are just a short drive away from Brick Township, NJ.

Have you sustained an injury resulting from a slip? Have you developed a pathological condition that puts you at risk of falling? At APN Physical Therapy, we use the Biodex Balance System SD for fall risk therapy (geriatrics therapy) for senior citizens in our Toms River & Brick Township, NJ community.

This system is used to:

  • Improve balance, agility and coordination
  • Help senior citizens build muscle
  • Treat multiple pathologies, such as Parkinson's

Take the initiative to improve your health - sign up for balance therapy today. If you're recovering from a fall or want to improve your balance, call 732-244-7004 now.

Benefit from the #1 balance system in the world

Benefit from the #1 balance system in the world

More than one third of adults 65 and older in the United States fall each year, and 20% to 30% of those who fall suffer moderate to severe injuries, according to the CDC. Balance deficits can stem from a variety of factors, which is why our balance therapy offers personalized evaluations for each patient.

Our easy-to-use touchscreen Biodex Balance System SD provides:

  • Static and dynamic trainings customized to each patient
  • Closed-chain, training and weight-bearing assessments
  • Objective balance assessments for concussed patients
  • Accurate Fall Risk Screenings and Conditioning Programs

We'll customize a conditioning program for your fall risk therapy that improves your balance and enhances your kinesthetic abilities. Rely on our team of specialized therapists in Toms River, NJ to improve your balance and reduce your risk of injury - schedule your appointment today. We are just a short drive away from Brick Township, NJ.