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Knee Pain Physical Therapy

Torn Rotator Cuff & Knee Physical Therapy


“I want to say that for three months I have been going for therapy for vertigo and balance to APN. I went at first with a real case of Vertigo with dizziness and I didn’t understand but thankfully, my audiologist gave me a prescription and said that therapy could be a big help. It certainly was and Dr. Todd Salvo spent time and explained what was happening with a crystal that left the inner ear into the canal. He took three weeks and it was almost gone. About 5 weeks later it happened again, I was not as dizzy, but it really was a problem. This time in one session, I was cured.

I can’t tell you how much the following balance therapy helped build my confidence. From the wonderful way I was treated by Giovanna and Todd and the other therapists, it was truly a great experience. I can only recommend this to anyone experiencing anything like this or any other similar condition.

I give all high marks and am happy to write this on behalf of all at APN physical therapy. Todd and all the others deserve a big expression of thanks!!!”

~ Rev. William T. Morris

“Dear Peter,
Thank you again for guiding me through Balance Therapy. I’m completely satisfied with my progress and could not have come as far as I did without your help along with your therapists and the use of your facility.”

~ Gratefully, Carol T.

“After a severe fracture of my right leg, APN Physical Therapy helped bring my life back to normal. APN gave me the tools and personal support for my rehabilitation. Great staff, warm, personable atmosphere.”

~ Gary F.

“To all my friends at APN –
Thank you so much for putting my hip back on the road to healing. I have enjoyed it and shall miss you all terribly. I’ve had therapy in other places and found you guys to be the best and the most professional.”

Warmest regards,
Roz Cohen

“Dear Pete and Todd,
I am now 18 months post-op from my rotator cuff surgery. I would say that I was back to 100% after 12 months. I still have a little stiffness now and then, but all is well.

You may remember that I was a competitive swimmer many years ago. I wanted to let you know that I have been back in the pool training with a coach and other adults since April. We swim twice a week and cover nearly a mile and a half at each hour-long session. The only restriction I have is that I cannot swim much butterfly, but that’s okay!

It is still difficult for me to believe I could reach this level of fitness again. You guys, along with Dr. Borgatti, told me that with time and a lot of therapy I would reach 100%. Dr. Borgatti did his part, you guys managed my rehab and I persevered with you and at home. I just want both of you to know that you can add me to your list of success stories. I will always be grateful to APN for your role in my recovery!”

With sincere thanks,
Stacey Somers

“Let me tell you a little about APN Physical Therapy. I have received excellent care from this physical therapy group. Not only are they a caring team but more of a family working together for each and every patient. The location is full of light from the many windows; additionally, it is neat and clean and that is very important to me and it will be to you also in these times that we live in today.

The company provides transportation for their patients that need it at no cost. I am picked up two or three times a week by a very reliable transporter and her name is Davina. Upon arrival every patient is greeted as we walk into the doors by our first name. I have witnessed first-hand how each therapist follows the prescription given by the doctors to help us reach our individual goal.

Peter and Todd Salvo, PT are partners working together between the two locations, which help the patients achieve the goals with encouragement as they explain why the exercise is needed and how it will benefit us. There have been times where tears streamed down my face but I knew that in order for me to gain my strength back and get complete range of motion in my left shoulder I had to work past the pain.

Toni is a great therapist as well. She gave me exercise programs to do at home, explained the drawings to me and demonstrated each one to make certain that I could do them. Toni, Todd and Peter are all very good at their jobs and I am thankful for that.

I still have a long way to go but I look forward to each visit. After being sandwiched between the doors of a bus, both of my rotator cuffs tore, I had surgery on my left rotator cuff and I am very confident and comfortable with APN for physical therapy after I have surgery on my right rotator cuff.”

Doris Smith-Fellenz