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Three Common Culprits for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common health challenges in the world, and the vast majority of American adults will experience recurring back pain at some point in their lives. Part of the reason for this is that our backs are heavily used. In fact, many of today’s jobs (which involve being seated or stationary for long periods of time) are even more stressful on the spine and back than other, more physical jobs.

In other words, back pain is a common part of life — no matter what job you do, or what kind of lifestyle you lead. The good news is that understanding the source of your back pain can help you make lifestyle adjustments that minimize or eliminate back pain.

Let’s take a closer look at three common culprits for recurring or chronic back pain.

Not stretching before exercise

Remember — we said sources of back pain. The injury itself can be diagnosed as a pulled muscle, a slipped disc, or a spinal misalignment that slowly causes other health problems over time. But the fact is, people who don’t acquaint themselves with proper stretching techniques, or engage in vigorous exercise without the proper warm ups, often end up with back injuries that lead to temporary or even chronic pain.

Trying to do your own chiropractic adjustments

We get it — people like to ‘crack’ their joints. But remember, a chiropractor spends an average of 7-8 years in post secondary education, mastering human anatomy and learning how to make spinal adjustments. It’s much more than just the ‘cracking’ noise, which is actually caused by built up gases being release in the joint.

Too much sitting

We often hear that back injuries are related to athletic activity or heavy lifting, and this is certainly true in many cases. But too much sitting — and poor posture, on top of that — is now one of the most common causes of back pain in America. Since more people than ever are working office jobs, greater numbers are experiencing back problems as a result of poor posture. A skilled therapist will give you perennial advice on maintaining healthy posture and a healthy physical balance, even if you’re require to sit for hours every day. You may not be able to avoid all that sitting, but there are certainly ways to make yourself healthier in the process.

Finding relief from back pain

Your back pain may be simply frustrating and annoying — or it may be downright debilitating. Either way, understanding the most common causes of back pain is one of the keys to getting your own symptoms under control. A licensed, qualified physical therapist is a key resource for anyone suffering back pain, as it gives you knowledge, lifestyle insights, and specific exercises that have been proven to alleviate back pain in people of all ages.

If you do work with a physical therapist for you back pain, just make sure you find a therapist that’s reputable, honest, experienced, and highly trained. As long as you check those boxes, your chances of meaningful results are excellent.

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